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Meet Dr. Christina

Like many students of psychology, I have always been drawn to understanding the experience of others and hearing their stories. I learned how to harness this interest as a clinical psychology graduate student. I was enrolled in a graduate program that emphasized

cultural sensitivity, and that which provided training opportunities in a variety of settings, including the court system and community mental health centers. The curriculum I was exposed to, and the training experiences I was afforded, fostered the growth of my technical and therapy skills, and also taught me the importance of striving to see the whole person.

Toward the latter portion of my graduate training, I found that my interest in understanding the whole person lent itself well to the field of psychological assessment and testing. I enjoyed talking with individuals and getting a sense of their strengths and challenges, and ultimately partnering with them in formulating their specific questions for the evaluation. It was during this assessment work that I found my niche within the field of psychology.

Following my postdoctoral fellowship, I worked at an assessment practice just outside of Washington DC, in Rockville, Maryland for eight years. There, I deepened my understanding of ADHD, learning disorders, and emotional factors impacting learning, and broadened the scope of my work by gaining training and experience in autism evaluations. I continued to conduct psychoeducational assessments at a learning center in St. Louis Park when my husband, two children, and I moved from the east coast to the Minneapolis area a couple years ago.

When I am away from work, I enjoy discovering new places in Minnesota with my family, walking my dog, and visiting family in upstate New York, where I am from.

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