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Monarch Learning 
& Attention Center 

Striving to promote understanding, advocacy, and growth through psychological assessment.  

About Us

We are a group of licensed clinical psychologists who have a wealth of experience conducting psychological assessments. We provide comprehensive assessments for children (ages 6 and up), adolescents, and young adults with concerns in the following areas:

  • learning/academic skill development (including learning disorders, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, & dyscalculia)

  • attention (including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD])

  • executive functioning (e.g., planning, organization, time management, task prioritization, and behavioral regulation)

  • social skills, communication styles, and behavior (including autism spectrum disorder [ASD])

  • emotional functioning 

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 If you would like to make an appointment or if you have questions about our services please contact us.

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