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Psychoeducational Evaluation

Includes cognitive, academic achievement, attention, executive functioning, and emotional assessment measures.  

​Appropriate when there are questions about a possible learning disorder or attention disorder, and/or concerns about the impact of emotional distress on performance & learning.

Monarch psychologists help identify writing differences.
Monarch psychologists complete neuro-affirming ASD testing.

Includes cognitive, language, adaptive, academic achievement, attention, executive functioning, and social-emotional assessment measures. 

Appropriate when there are questions about social skills and/or autism spectrum disorder. This evaluation will also help us better understand other areas that may be associated with autism.

Autism Evaluation

Adult ADHD Evaluation

Includes  cognitive, attention, executive functioning and emotional measures.

Best suited for young adults who are concerned about attention and concentration, and who have questions about ADHD.

Monarch Learning & Attention Center psychologists work collaboratively with families and other providers.
Monarch Learning & Attention Center offers ADHD Testing.

Includes a comprehensive measure of cognitive ability. 

Best suited for families considering independent school placement and/or gifted programming.

Admissions Evaluation

Most of our evaluations include the following:

Our Process

Initial Interview: We will meet with you to discuss your needs and review information relevant to your referral concern(s). 



Testing Session(s): Assessment of cognitive abilities, academic skills, attention/executive functioning, and social/emotional/behavioral functioning. Our psychologists complete all testing with our clients, allowing for deeper understanding of our clients, their strengths, and their needs.


Consultation & Record Review: As necessary, we will consult with outside treatment providers and/or teachers in order to obtain information. For individuals with prior testing experience, we will review and incorporate previous results for the purpose of providing conclusions and recommendations.


Diagnostic Report & Feedback: We will provide a comprehensive report that holistically summarizes your presenting concerns, strengths, past/current test results, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations. We will then review findings and recommendations during your feedback meeting. 


Post-Feedback Support: We remain available to address questions, needs, or concerns in order to ensure that you have the knowledge and resources to move forward.


Please note: We do not currently provide evaluations for individuals seeking assessment for parental custody, social security disability qualification, rare genetic conditions, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, or severe behavioral issues that otherwise prevent the examiner from providing psychological assessment.

Why Monarch?

We are a small, privately owned practice of passionate ladies who love the work we do. We provide all direct services to our clients, including all testing and observations. Our work is infused with empathy, compassion, and vast knowledge of the mental health field. We pride ourselves on creating trusting, non-judgmental spaces for our client, and we work hard to provide feedback, education, and resources in a timely manner.

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