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Gifted & Twice Exceptional (2e)

Gifted individuals often demonstrate advanced academic skills well beyond their same-grade peers. Gifted students may perform more strongly than their peers in all academic areas, or they may show high levels of aptitude in certain academic or creative subjects. Gifted children tend to be quick learners, have strong imaginations and curiosity, and may sometimes seem “highly sensitive” (i.e., strong emotional reactions, empathy, and reactions to real or perceived failure).


“Twice Exceptional” (2E) refers to a gifted individual who also has another learning difference (i.e., learning disorder or ADHD). These students often have strong ability in one subject but decreased skills in another. Similar to gifted children, they are often sensitive but may cope with their learning weakness(es) by engaging in school and/or work avoidance or through strong emotional reactivity.

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