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Learning Testing

Learning disorder testing can identify learning differences in reading, writing, and math. Reading differences may include difficulties sounding out unknown words, reading quickly, or understanding what is read. Writing differences can be seen in spelling weaknesses, difficulties with grammar (e.g., punctuation and/or capitalization), and the planning aspect of writing. Math differences can impact a student's ability to learn math facts, complete math problems fluently, and follow math processes. 

ADHD or ADD testing helps identify differences in an individual's attention, executive functioning, and/or activity level. Differences are sometimes readily observable, such as a high energy level and seeking out movement. Sometimes, differences in attention are less outwardly noticeable to others; yet might be seen in a student who is smart and struggles to complete homework. Executive functioning differences might make it harder for a student to make a plan for their work, follow a plan, and turn in completed work. 

ADHD Testing

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Why complete an evaluation?

A student understand themself better.

A teacher and/or tutor ensure a student receives the type of instruction they need to learn.

Ensure the student receives the support and/or accommodations they need to learn and share what they have learned with others.

Help medical professionals know what treatment is best.

Knowing what differences are present can help:

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